Lord Gaius of Thisbury

The new lord of Thisbury


Distinctive features: High Cheekbones and Rough hands

Glory: 2100
Age: 22



Born: 459
Knighted in 480 after squiring with Lord Rodrick of Sarum. The knighting took place with Richard, Thomas, Wehlen and Morgamar and Maddock.

Survivor of the battles of:
Sarum (480)
Bedegrade (481)
Eburacum (484)
Mt Damen (484)
Mircred Creek (485)
Sommerset (489)
Lyndsey (490) (had to defeat 2 giants in single combat after Sir Thomas’s tactical blunder.
Battle at Cornwall (491) where Maddock died and sir quintus and sir belandes were first at the gates
495 Glorious battle against the saxons

In 494 he defended the honour of the crown prince of Ireland after Sir Orcas (the steward of king Kanah) poisoned the king and accused the prince. Sir Quintus then defeated Sir Orcas in a duel ensuring justice was served.

Married Lulia in 480 who tragically died after giving birth to their second child in 484.
Remarried in 485 to Iguan of Boscone who died in 498. Remarried a third time to Ysolde (definitly not a witch) who then also died in 499. After this Quintus decided the world hates the idea of him being married so he lives the rest of his life in chastity and solitude.

In 497 died in the Fae realm while sparring with a guard there. Cannot go back

In 498 he received a visit from a mysterious headless horseman with an axe giving him a message about reclaiming his wife (she was a widow of a knight slain in battle). WIfe did some weird ritual and now Quintus is definitly an atheist.

Currently father of 11 children:

The boy Gaius born in 482 (named after his father) to Lulia
The boy Varo born in 483 (named after his grandfather) to Lulia
The girl Lulia born in 486 (named after Quintus’s first wife who died the year before, probably pissed off his current wife) to Iguan
The boy Octavius born in 487 (named after the first roman emperor, augustus would be too much hubris for the modest Quintus)
The boy Richard born in 488 (after the man who looked after his family during the events of 481, a good friend and fellow saxon hater)
The boy Morgamar born in 489 (named after Sir Morgamar who died in 487)
Wahlen born in 492 (named after Sir Wahlen)
Belandes born in 494 (named after Sir Belandes)
William born in 495 (named after Sir William), Wife died in childbirth.
The second daughter Angie born in 497
A third daughter Iguan born in 498

In his last year, 502, as lord of Thisbury Quintus became count of Rydychan.


Born in 482. Became Lord of Thisbury in 503 under count William.

Manors: 7

0 Old Knights
1 Middle aged knight (a brother, possibly the one who is rumoured to have an affair)
7 young knights
13 able bodied men

Levy 321

Lord Gaius of Thisbury

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