Lord William Of Pitton

First Son and Heir to the lands of Pitton, Earl of Sarum


Age: 28
Glory 3449

Lord of Pitton
Knight of Milston
Earl of Sarum


Eldest son to lord Richard Of Pitton and Lady Annabell, William is dedicated to improving the state of the Pitton Landhold. True to his word, when raiders decimated the lands, he sold one of his best chargers to recuperate the losses.

in the year 495, he was challenged by the elderly knight lord Jacob to a duel. Honorbound to bring his best, he fought him openly and managed to defeat him. As a reward, Lord Jacob allowed him to marry his daughter Lady Katelyne. After the marriage Lord Jacob granted his knightly title to William, making him the Landed knight of Milston.

Sadly disaster struck as Lady Katelyne died at childbirth alongside the child the same year.

The sadness that grasped his heart pushed William forward, solidifying his resolve to protect the now widow Ellen and the land that has been placed in his protection.

In order to protect Countess Ellen when the choice was made to become a vassel state, he agreed to marry her. Keeping the lands of Sarem safe until her son Robert becomes old enough to lead.

Wife: Lady Ellen
Successor: Robert

House of Pitton

Father: Lord Richard
Mother: Lady Morriana

1e brother: Lord Girart
2e brother: Lord Robyn

1e sister: Lady Catherine, married in the year 495
2e sister: Lady Cassandra

Cousin: Lord Gilebert, married in the year 498

Lord William Of Pitton

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